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Tutu Hairbow Holder

When you have a girly girl, it means that you have tons of hair accessories. It doesn’t help that I love making hair accessories for her too! The only problem is that they are all scattered all over the house. I used to store them in baskets but those baskets gets turned upside down whenever Kiddo needs to find a specific hair clip. I finally got tired of organizing the hair clips that I decided to make a storage for her and thus the birth of tutu hair bow holder!!!!

TuTuHairbow Holder1

I could have bought this online but the stingy me refuse to pay for something that I am sure that I can make. So thanks to  these awesome instructions, I managed to make this tutu hairbow holder.

TuTuHairbow Holder2

I hang this on her closet door so that she will have easy access and not only is it functional, it also doubles as a decoration for her room.

TuTuHairbow Holder3

Here is another look with all the hairbows on it. I attached 4 very long ribbons for the hair clips. The ribbons on the top bodice can be used to store hair clips too. The ribbon in the middle with loops is for headbands. Too many headbands? Don’t worry! I have another headband project coming up soon.

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