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Kids Craft: Ladybug Puppet

When the Kiddo was a toddler, I did a lot of crafts with her. I think that helped a lot in cultivating her creative side. Now that she is older, she is constantly making her own crafts whether it is a small one like paper dresses for her dolls or huge posters. One of those crafts that we did often was making puppets. All you need are some paper plates, construction papers, tape, glue and you are all set.


Here’s one of the many puppets that we made – a ladybug puppet! First either tape or staple 2 paper plates together facing each other. Then cut about 1/4 of the bottom of the plates away to create an opening for the hand.  Then the kiddo gets to color the paper plates to whatever colour they want. In this case, it was red. Then cut a oval piece from black construction paper and add 2 goggly eyes and glue them to the top part of the paper plates. Then add long pieces of legs to the plate and also dots for the back and that equals to many hours of fun. You can also make different animals if preferred.

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