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Kids Craft: 100 Day Project

What better way to start off with a new blog than a cute 100 day poster! This was the Kiddo’s first official school project which was done 100 days after entering kindergarten. They were supposed to make a poster out of 100 things. So Kiddo decided to make one out of pom-poms just because we had a lot of them at home. With the 100 pom-poms, she made a castle with a flag complete with a moat, flower and a caterpillar. Does it look like a castle?? 😛

You can also use other objects like:

  • 100 stickers
  • 100 jellybeans
  • 100 cheerios or trix
  • 100 stamps
  • 100 buttons
  • 100 pennies

and encourage your little ones to make a picture with the objects. It’s definitely a fun and creative project

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