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Rainbow Loom Earrings

This was actually made by the Kiddo.  Her 4th grade class held a marketplace in the classroom where the kids had to make something and sell to the other kids. It was done to teach them a little about the economics of buying and selling and all the profits generated were donated to charity. So the kiddo decided to make these earrings and they were a big hit with the kids.

Shown below are just some of the other colors that she made.

Rainbow Loom Earrings @



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Tutu Hairbow Holder

When you have a girly girl, it means that you have tons of hair accessories. It doesn’t help that I love making hair accessories for her too! The only problem is that they are all scattered all over the house. I used to store them in baskets but those baskets gets turned upside down whenever Kiddo needs to find a specific hair clip. I finally got tired of organizing the hair clips that I decided to make a storage for her and thus the birth of tutu hair bow holder!!!!

TuTuHairbow Holder1

I could have bought this online but the stingy me refuse to pay for something that I am sure that I can make. So thanks to  these awesome instructions, I managed to make this tutu hairbow holder.

TuTuHairbow Holder2

I hang this on her closet door so that she will have easy access and not only is it functional, it also doubles as a decoration for her room.

TuTuHairbow Holder3

Here is another look with all the hairbows on it. I attached 4 very long ribbons for the hair clips. The ribbons on the top bodice can be used to store hair clips too. The ribbon in the middle with loops is for headbands. Too many headbands? Don’t worry! I have another headband project coming up soon.


Kids Craft: The little sheep


This craft was done when Kiddo was very little and in love with the “Mary had a little lamb” song. Craft supplies needed are:

  • empty toilet paper roll
  • cotton balls
  • cotton buds
  • white tissue paper
  • gluesticks
  • Wiggly eyes (optional)

To make the little sheep (or lamb), first stuff one end of the toilet paper roll with tissue paper to resemble the face. Then using the glue stick, glue the cotton balls to the toilet paper roll to resemble the body. Add 4 cotton buds to the bottom for legs. Use a sharpie to draw the mouth and eyes (add wiggly eyes if using) and you have a very cute sheep. You can make a whole family of sheep for fun.


Kids Craft: Princess Crown


This is a super fun and easy project if you have a princess at home just like me. Yes, I have a girly girl and she loves all things princessy. For this project, just get a paper plate, make a few cuts in the middle and decorate with stickers and streamers and voila! a princess crown fit for your little princess! Detailed instructions can be found here.


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It’s a pig and it’s pink! This was one of the Kiddo’s favorite craft.


Project idea taken from HERE. Instead of printing on colored paper, I printed it on a white paper and let the kiddo color the pig and then assemble the pig per instruction.


Kids Craft: Apple Tree


All that is needed for this craft are:

  • 1 green construction paper
  • 1 brown construction paper
  • green & red crepe paper
  • 1 glue stick

Just cut out a rectangle piece of the brown construction paper for the tree trunk. Also cut a tree top from the green construction paper and glue the two together to form a tree. Then let the kiddo tear up little pieces of paper, crumple into a little ball and stick them on the tree.


Kids Craft: Ladybug Puppet

When the Kiddo was a toddler, I did a lot of crafts with her. I think that helped a lot in cultivating her creative side. Now that she is older, she is constantly making her own crafts whether it is a small one like paper dresses for her dolls or huge posters. One of those crafts that we did often was making puppets. All you need are some paper plates, construction papers, tape, glue and you are all set.


Here’s one of the many puppets that we made – a ladybug puppet! First either tape or staple 2 paper plates together facing each other. Then cut about 1/4 of the bottom of the plates away to create an opening for the hand.  Then the kiddo gets to color the paper plates to whatever colour they want. In this case, it was red. Then cut a oval piece from black construction paper and add 2 goggly eyes and glue them to the top part of the paper plates. Then add long pieces of legs to the plate and also dots for the back and that equals to many hours of fun. You can also make different animals if preferred.


Kids Craft: 100 Day Project

What better way to start off with a new blog than a cute 100 day poster! This was the Kiddo’s first official school project which was done 100 days after entering kindergarten. They were supposed to make a poster out of 100 things. So Kiddo decided to make one out of pom-poms just because we had a lot of them at home. With the 100 pom-poms, she made a castle with a flag complete with a moat, flower and a caterpillar. Does it look like a castle?? 😛

You can also use other objects like:

  • 100 stickers
  • 100 jellybeans
  • 100 cheerios or trix
  • 100 stamps
  • 100 buttons
  • 100 pennies

and encourage your little ones to make a picture with the objects. It’s definitely a fun and creative project